Rungee F25 clone with Zello PTT and Android OS — 2.4" smartphone

buy on Aliexpress — rungee clone F25

Price — near 135 USD

Among the new goods Aliexpress appeared quite an interesting smartphone-radio-it looks very similar to clone F25 Rungee, but the similarity is only external — compared to the original it's a totally different filling.

The main feature of rungee F25 clone — Android operating system, which is a rarity for phones with keyboard and small screen.
Unfortunately, the seller did not provide any technical specifications rungee F25 clone, but some of its specifications are known:

  • Android OS
  • display 2.4" with a resolution of 320*240 pixels
  • 4G LTE support
  • impact resistance
  • protection class IP68
  • battery 4000mAh

The look of the phone from different sides is more reminiscent of the walkie-talkie as the original:

Front the rungee F25 clone has the usual for simple phones numeric keypad and navigation keys:

Behind the device clip, like portable radio stations, as well as contacts for charging in a glass. The rear cover is bolted shut:

On the right side clone Rungee F25 has the power button that you need to Wake up your device in Android, and the hardware camera button:

On the left side — a large radio button PTT and volume control buttons:

It is worth noting that there is no hardware radio station in the phone, and there is support for 4G LTE Internet, and the application Zello PTT — which works, in fact, as a portable radio station, but with the help of the Internet.

On top of the phone is the lanyard loop, and a removable antenna — a true sense of it are likely small, because the radio will only work within the coverage area of the GSM signal. Maybe detachable antenna for better signal reception GSM — then it will have rungee F25 clone justified.

Also on the back side of the phone is a fairly large speaker, and a simple camera.

The only connector on the phone is microUSB, located at the bottom and closed with a rubber cover for protection from water.

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