2018: All the truth about 11.11 Sale On Aliexpress or Bachelor Day

A page listing all 11.11 promotions and discounts on Aliexpress

In 2018, as usual, November 11th Alyieexpress trumpeting 11.11, which they themselves called “Bachelor’s Day” . Probably, in the understanding of marketers Ali, the bachelor sits at home and enjoys mostly shopping on the Internet, especially actively with the onset of cold weather on November 11.

As always, in 2018 most of the discounts and promotions are of a purely nominal nature, and on November 12, it turns out that most of the goods are the same, only without the crossed out price and the word «ACTION». But there are moments where you can save money. By the way, right on the homepage you can immediately get a $ 2 special coupon.

There will be many coupons, but not all of them are sensible. For example, in detail about three types of coupons:

Seller's coupon can only be used in the store of this seller. No more than one coupon per order. Vendor coupons can be obtained on the store page, on the item description page or in exchange for coins.

Special coupons can be used only in certain stores to purchase certain goods. If the Special Coupon can be used, it will be indicated on the product description page. Apply the appropriate filter on the search results page to see the products that are affected by special coupons. You can use one or more coupons at a time depending on the rules of the store. Special coupons can be obtained on the sale page, win games or get in exchange for coins.

Coupons AliExpress can be used in any store on AliExpress. They also work for multiple orders from multiple stores, but with a limit of 1 coupon per order. AliExpress coupons can be won in games or received in exchange for coins.

In general, it is clear that interest is mainly Aliexpress coupons that can be obtained in games or exchanging for coins. The remaining coupons are of no particular interest, since sellers at such sales first wind up prices, and then kindly provide a whole pack of discounts, in the end, the price remains almost unchanged.

Coins can be obtained in all sorts of games, and simply stuffing goods into the basket, but for a day give a limited number of coins.

The main innovation in 2018 on Ali was pre-order — you can pay in advance about 10% of the value of the goods, and on the day of the sale get a guaranteed discount by paying the rest. The idea is not bad, given the experience of past years — sellers put up for sale at the promotional price only one product (one unit) and only one person managed to buy at a good price, it was necessary to have time to buy it in a split second. Entertainment is not the most interesting, of course.

On the other hand, the pre-order sellers have greatly diminished their generosity, and in 2018, Ali will not have 70-90% discounts on Ali.

Another promotion is the «Cut the price to the ruble» . What and how to chop is completely incomprehensible, most likely there will just be one unit of goods at a very low cost, but to have time to buy is not an easy task.

As always, it was not without any kind of games — «Gift Pack» and the like. In games you can earn coins to exchange for coupons.

The overall picture of sales looks like this: Pre-order, coupons, and super discounts. It makes sense to use pre-order, if you have long wanted to buy something, sellers lower prices a little, but just a little — plus, you can try to change coupons, and use them for the same purchase.

Summarizing, we can safely say — there will be no freebies again;) On the other hand, you can get small discounts if you have planned a purchase in advance. Try it!
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