USB Wifi adapter with detachable RP-SMA antenna 5 DBi

Buy on Aliexpress USB Wi-Fi 5dBi

Price — 2.45 USD

Unlike Nano USB Wifi for ~2$ without the antenna, USB Wi-Fi 5dBi with detachable antenna can search wireless network much better, and more expensive, only 50 cents.

Besides — detachable antenna with standard RP-SMA connector that allows you to connect another antenna or an extension cable.

Univrsal TV remote control RM-139S or TV-139F

Buy on Aliexpress Universal remote RM-139

Price — 1.80 USD

Remote controls for your TV, have the unpleasant property to lose, break, break down, etc. unfortunately, complete to any TV remote always only one.

Fortunately, Ali can you buy universal remote RM-139 in just 2$

Cheap VR box — only 5$

Buy on aliexpress VR box for smartphone

Price — 5.80 USD

Cheap VR box for smartphone best in the price range of about 5$. The only negative — very tight mounting of the smartphone.

Remote IR infrared thermometer (pyrometer) for 7$

Buy on Aliexpress Infrared thermometer (pyrometer)

Price — starts from $7

electronics: Infrared thermometer (pyrometer) with Aliexpress for 7.5$

I wanted to buy infrared thermometer (pyrometer) to measure the temperature of remote batteries in the apartment, the engine in the car, the radiator in the computer — all, that impossible to measure with a usual thermometer.

IR night LED light with motion sensor on 3*AAA batteries

Buy on Aliexpress IR LED lamp

The price from 3.10$

Ali you can find many options for night light with motion sensor, we will consider the cheapest of them $3

electronics: IR LED Lamp with a motion sensor and ambient light (night light ZK60400)

In this review we will consider the cheapest led downlight with motion sensor light and night light that will only light up when dark and only when there is nearby movement.

HDD video recorders Smar A1004NS and A1108E for 4 and 8 analog CCTV cameras or digital IP cameras

Buy AliexpressHDD recorders Smar A1004NS and A1108E

The value of Smar A1004NS to 4 channel 32.6 USD
Price Smar A1108E to 8 channels — 38.3 USD

In our time of digital technology, analog surveillance cameras were worth very little, and a digital IP camera much cheaper with each passing day. In this regard, even for older surveillance systems require new registrars, preferably with access through the Internet and these are consider in the review — HDD recorders Smar A1004NS and A1108E

Wireless keyboard with touch pad for PC or Android TV box

Link to product — Russian wireless keyboard with touchpad for Android TV box

Cost — 14 $

There are Android TV box in addition to all the advantages, one big disadvantage — they are very difficult to control from the sofa. To this end, our Chinese friends have come up with all kinds of wireless remotes and keyboards , one of which we consider in this review.

The plates: a new generation of consoles from the TV)

Keyboard and mouse the size of a TV remote.

Simple USB remote control for your PC or Android TV box

Product page — Wireless IR remote for your PC or Android TV box PC

Cost — 3.5 USD

Electronics: Wireless IR remote for your PC or Android TV box PC

Review of the simplest (and cheapest) infrared remote computer or Android TV box.

How to test, fix and repair fake chinese memory cards and USB flash drive disk sticks

When purchasing through Chinese shops (including Aliexpress) flash drives and memory cards, you can easily run into a fake. Therefore, immediately check after get the parcel.

In order to find out whether or not you load you need to check your USB flash drive, and then cure the real capacity.

To do this we need the following programs:
h2testw.exe download — program to check for flash drives and memory cards
MyDiskFix.exe download — a program for the treatment of flash drives with the wrong volume (thanks for the translation ).

Chinese micro USB nano receiver WiFi + Windows 7 x64/x86 drivers

Link to product — Chinese micro USB nano receiver WiFi

Cost — 1.69 $

Electronics Chinese micro USB nano receiver + WiFi driver Win7 x64 / x32

Actually, the review as such will not be, because the talk is nothing special — a photo and drivers under the cut.