Survival paracord bracelet watch with compass, flint and whistle

Buy on Aliexpress survival paracord watch

Price — USD 6.50

An interesting and original gift for a tourist or traveler Watch survival of the paracord

The watch is ordinary quartz, without additional protection. But the bracelet from survival paracord watch is more interesting and useful for any tourist.

KAVIS men leather wallet with card holder and zipper

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Price — 14.7 $ (price is almost always discounted)

Aliexpress you can find a huge number of wallets, purses, purses and clutches for every taste and at different prices, but if the phone is difficult to forge, such items as bags are often counterfeited.

However, among the variety you can find quite high quality stuff, such as KAVIS wallets.

Travel lens box set with liquid, tweezers and mirror

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Price — from 0.72 USD

People who wear lenses every day know what it is — a container this need every day, tweezers all the time lost, buy it when it urgently needed a story, and the liquid is only sold in large containers.

As always, the Chinese have all been invented and sold on 70 cents delivery.

Magic Stretch and Fresh food covers — real expirience

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Price — USD 2.75 for a set of 4 covers

Beauty, health: Chinese silicone vacuum miracle cover Stretch and Fresh

Like all products that are marked «As seen on TV» (as You've seen on TV)the magic cap require more detailed consideration.

Laser bore sighter for any weapon — guns and rifles caliber from .177

Laser to the boresight sporting weapons for different calibres from .177 (4.5 mm)

Link to product — Laser to the boresight of sporting arms

Price — 9.99$

Ranging sporting weapons — employment is long and boring)) So smart people came up with a simple device called the boresight, which is simply inserted in the barrel of the gun and the laser shows the approximate month where the bullet gets.

Sport, leisure and tourism: a laser for zeroing

Theoretically, you can set the iron sights without firing a shot.

Simple underwater torch waterproof flashlight for diving and hunting

Product page — Simple Underwater lights for scuba diving and hunting

Cost — 3.50 $

A small overview of a simple and reliable underwater flashlight, diving, underwater hunting or shooting action camera.

Sports, leisure,  tourism: Simple underwater lights for scuba diving and hunting

Despite its low cost, the flashlight really waterproof, and cope with their tasks by 100%.

Cheap body chest mount for SJ4000 / GoPro / Eken H9 action cameras

Link to the product page — mounting body (chest) for GoPro action cameras, SJ4000 or Eken H9

Aliexpress price — 3.69 USD

Sports, recreation, tourism: Mounting on the body (chest) for GoPro action cameras, SJ4000 or Eken H9

In this review, we consider the universal mount on chest for Action Camera GoPro, SJ4000, Eken H9 and other similar.

The cost of fixing all 3.69 $ , but experience has shown that complete his camera very much lacking.

Good quality head strap mount for GoPro / SJ4000 / Eken H9 action cameras

Product page: quality mount on the head for GoPro action cameras, Eken H9, SJ4000

Buy at Aliexpress: 2.50 USD

Complete modern Action SJ4000 type cameras and the like usually all sorts of accessories and gadgets, but the most relevant.

Sports, recreation, tourism: Overview of quality mounting head for GoPro action cameras, Eken H9, SJ4000 and similar

In this review, we consider the quality and reliable mounting on head to action type cameras SJ4000 .