Cheap DDR3 memory modules for AMD chipset

Buy Aliexpress DDR3 for AMD chipsets
Price — 6.00$ for 2Gb

For a long time on Aliexpress you can find memory modules for desktop computers, which only works on chipsets AMD (AM1, AM3 and AM3+). Therefore, the memory DDR3 for AMD chipsets almost 2 times cheaper than usual.

Cheap SSD 2.5" SATA3 drive — KingSpec T-64

Buy on Aliexpress SSD drive KingSpec T-64
Price — about 22$ for 64Gb

Among Chinese manufacturers of SSD drives KingSpec — the most worthy in terms of price and quality.

That is the price about the same, but SSD drive KingSpec T-64 optimal speed and price (KingDian for example, and you can find cheaper, but they work much slower).

Used IDE PATA 40Gb hdd from Aliexpress — test and review

Buy on Aliexpress — used HDD IDE 40Gb
Price — 6,50 USD

Last time some sellers from Aliexpress began to sell used components for PCs and laptops, how they always did on Ebay

Computers & tablets: B / have hard drives with Aliexpress - IDE 20-40Gb used HDD laptop review and tests

The price of used HDD IDE 40Gb is very low — and I ventured to make sure if everything is so good, especially if the disk was needed to replace the native IDE 44-pin in the thin client flash HP t5145 .

Cheap Remix OS tablet PC with keyboard — Onda obook10 SE

Buy on Aliexpress tablet with keyboard and Remix OS Onda Obook10 SE

Cost of Onda Obook 10 SE106$
Price Onda Obook 10 SE with a docking keyboard 138$

Computers, tablets: Cheap tablet with keyboard and Remix OS - Onda Obook10 SE

The Chinese company Onda in contrast Huawei decided to produce a simple and inexpensive tablet with an attachable keyboard dock on Windows 10 (dual boot, Remix OS — there are already optional), but with a reasonable price just 138$ with the keyboard, or 106$ without it. In General, they succeeded — the price is significantly lower than its competitors-but suffered a bit of features — mainly the RAM and battery.

Kingdian SSD solid state drive 60Gb SATA3

Link to product — Intel SSD KingDian 60Gb SATA3

Cost — $ 29.69 (continuously held shares, can be bought for 25-26 )

There is an old laptop — Asus X55U (one of the easiest) with terribly slow processor AMD C-60 (2 cores at 1GHz), and at least slow disk 320Gb SATA2 Seagate. In an attempt in any way to animate this laptop (despite 4Gb RAM) has decided to put a simple and inexpensive solid-state SSD drive.

USB flash drives, memory cards, SSD: Solid State drive SSD KingDian 60Gb SATA3