2018: All the truth about 11.11 Sale On Aliexpress or Bachelor Day

A page listing all 11.11 promotions and discounts on Aliexpress

In 2018, as usual, November 11th Alyieexpress trumpeting 11.11, which they themselves called “Bachelor’s Day” . Probably, in the understanding of marketers Ali, the bachelor sits at home and enjoys mostly shopping on the Internet, especially actively with the onset of cold weather on November 11.

As always, in 2018 most of the discounts and promotions are of a purely nominal nature, and on November 12, it turns out that most of the goods are the same, only without the crossed out price and the word «ACTION». But there are moments where you can save money.

Blackview A20 — 39$ Android Go smartphone sale till 21.04.18

Buy on Aliexpress (sale until April 21) — Blackview A20

Price — from 39 USD

From 14 to 21 April, the Company blackview arranges sale of smartphones Blackview A20 at the price only 39$ — an interesting phone for the money.

Phone Blackview A20 all is well for the public sector — large screen 5.5 inches (though with a small resolution), dual camera and battery 3000 mAh and updated operating system Android Go.

Rungee F25 clone with Zello PTT and Android OS — 2.4" smartphone

buy on Aliexpress — rungee clone F25

Price — near 135 USD

Among the new goods Aliexpress appeared quite an interesting smartphone-radio-it looks very similar to clone F25 Rungee, but the similarity is only external — compared to the original it's a totally different filling.

The main feature of rungee F25 clone — Android operating system, which is a rarity for phones with keyboard and small screen.

Chuwi Hi9 review — 2.5K and 4Gb RAM Android tablet PC

Buy on Aliexpress — Chuwi Hi9
Buy on Gearbest — Chuwi Hi9
Buy in Banggoog for 169$Chuwi Hi9

Productive tablets on Android began to appear quite often in the Chinese market, one of them was Chuwi Hi9

Chuwi hi9-what is this tablet? How powerful and convenient is it to use? About this you can find in our review tablet Chuwi Hi9

The Chinese New Year 2018 — holidays in internet stores

Chinese new year 2018: online shopping schedule

New year holidays are coming in China! In the2018 year, they will last from 9 to 23 February .

AliExpress shopping - get started: The Chinese New Year 2018 - holidays in internet stores

Half of the stores stops working with number 10, the second half — with February 14.
Mail services will not work from February 14 to 23.

Homtom S12 — cheapest bezel-less smartphone ever

Buy on Aliexpress Homtom S12
Buy on GearBest — Homtom S12

Price — 48$

Recently in Vogue «frameless» phone, and the situation demanded a new screen format was the format 18:9.

Cellphones and accessories: Homtom S12 - cheapest bezel-less smartphone ever

Basically, this type of display used in smartphones average price category, but it came down to budget models, one of which became Homtom S12. Unfortunately, the screen resolution of Homtom S12 decided to ignore.

Oukitel U18 — chinese Android copy of Apple iPhone X

Buy on Aliexpress Oukitel U18

The Chinese company Auditel carefully studying the needs of the audience, however, sometimes such research harm the firm. The great popularity Apple iPhone X that prompted the developer to create more affordable competitor to the best-seller. However, excessive similarity innovations with Heath is unlikely to go in her favor.

Despite the fact that Oukitel U18 differs from the iPhone X almost everything except appearance, the smartphone is pretty powerful and modern.

More battery life for Android device or phone — some tips and upgrades

The main problem of modern phones, stuffed with technological innovations, the battery life from the battery. Every goth phones are becoming more and more powerful, the capacity of batteries is increasing, but the average phone still hold a charge for only one day.

Buy on Aliexpress: phones big battery and external batteries — power bank.

Cellphones and accessories: More battery life for Android device or phone - some tips and upgrades

Modern versions of Android — this is a fairly complex operating systems in which very many factors affect consumption of the battery. Let us consider different ways to conserve — from the obvious to the outright tricks.

iOutdoor T2 — extreme 4500mAh IP68 phone with 4500mAh battery and UHF PTT radio

Buy on Aliexpress iOutdoor T2
Buy on Gearbest — iOutdoor T2

Price — 49.99$

Sometimes the phone just need to make the call, and preferably not discharged in the evening. iOutdoor T2 is just the phone, without Android, but with a UHF radio — no connection will remain.

Blackview P6000 — powerful smart phone with 6Gb RAM

Buy on Aliexpress Blackview P6000
Buy on Gearbest — Blackview P6000

The price is 245$

The Chinese company Blackview rapidly gaining experience in the creation of smartphones on the international level. And now the company has decided to demonstrate their abilities in the medium price segment, presenting the phone that meets all modern criteria of design, performance and autonomy. But if the hero of today's review, «highlight», allowing it to stand out better against numerous opponents?