Firefly Mobile Aurii Passion — «thick» smartphone for just 85$

Buy on Aliexpress Firefly Mobile AURII Passion
Price — 85 USD

The Chinese company SANTIN continues to search in the Chinese market a powerful phone with an interesting price, and finds:

Phones & accessories: Firefly Mobile AURII Passion - thick smartphone for little money

Distinctive features of Firefly AURII Passion 3Gb of RAM, 8-core processor MTK6753 battery capacity 4000mAh

4-camera smartphone — Bluboo D1 with MTK6580 and 2Gb RAM

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Price — about 75 USD

Already several models of phones use 2 rear cameras — one for shooting, and the second to add to the effect of «depth».

Smartphone Bluboo D1 there are also 2 cameras in the front. The price is very affordable — only 75$

KAVIS men leather wallet with card holder and zipper

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Price — 14.7 $ (price is almost always discounted)

Aliexpress you can find a huge number of wallets, purses, purses and clutches for every taste and at different prices, but if the phone is difficult to forge, such items as bags are often counterfeited.

However, among the variety you can find quite high quality stuff, such as KAVIS wallets.

Travel lens box set with liquid, tweezers and mirror

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Price — from 0.72 USD

People who wear lenses every day know what it is — a container this need every day, tweezers all the time lost, buy it when it urgently needed a story, and the liquid is only sold in large containers.

As always, the Chinese have all been invented and sold on 70 cents delivery.

Gretel A7 — modern smart phone for just 40 USD

Buy Aliexpress: 39.99$ Best Credit Store or Black Peach Store
Price from other sellers — 39.99 USD

The discounted price will be valid until may 1, 2017. In addition,Best Credit promise the gift of tape, silicone cover and spare back cover.

The company Gretel appeared on the Chinese market just a month or two ago, but have already released a few interesting models at very competitive prices. In addition, the cheapest of them Gretel A7 has several new products, such as warning signal on the main button.

Zoji Z6 review — IP68 rugged phone on MTK6580

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Price — from USD 54.99

Processor MTK6580 (MTK6570) is ideal for secure smartphones, thanks to its low power consumption. Therefore, smartphones with protection class IP68 on these processors are becoming more.

Zoji Z6 is one of these phones, although judging by the casing protection class IP68 is a bit exaggerated. But the relatively small screen 4.7" large battery 3000mAh will provide a long battery life.

First MTK6570 smart phone with metal frame and 3360 mAh — Doogee X10 for only $45

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Price — 45 USD (pre-order)

Processor MTK6570 is actually a «half» of MTK6580 CPU, which is already quite well established in the budget phone with its low power consumption and at the same time modern characteristics.

Phones and accessories: Review Doogee X10 - affordable smartphone on a 2-core MTK6570 with battery 3360mAh

The phone Doogee X10 has everything you need — the normal modern processor, metal case, screen size of 5 inch (though with a resolution of only 854*480), secondary camera 5 megapixel, and importantly — huge for this processor the battery into the 3360 mAh.

Cons Doogee X10 — low resolution screen (tolerable) and 512Mb of RAM — but this is can be a problem for modern Android applications.

Cheap VR box — only 5$

Buy on aliexpress VR box for smartphone

Price — 5.80 USD

Cheap VR box for smartphone best in the price range of about 5$. The only negative — very tight mounting of the smartphone.

Home pet DIY flap door

Buy on Aliexpress the Door for the cat (Pets) with lock

Price — from 6.5 USD

A very useful thing, sometimes brown and white.