Cheap SSD 2.5" SATA3 drive — KingSpec T-64

Buy on Aliexpress SSD drive KingSpec T-64
Price — about 22$ for 64Gb

Among Chinese manufacturers of SSD drives KingSpec — the most worthy in terms of price and quality.

That is the price about the same, but SSD drive KingSpec T-64 optimal speed and price (KingDian for example, and you can find cheaper, but they work much slower).

Nice sport LED watch for just 2$

Buy on Aliexpress sports LED watch style in smart fashion

Price — USD 2.00

Cheap watches in China lot — 2$ is still quite expensive, but look sports LED watch interesting and modern.

Double cashback from Aliexpress! Get cashback twice with Ali pocket & ePN

How to get double cashback when buying on Aliexpress?

Aliexpress Coupons: How to get double cashback when you purchase on Aliexpress? Promotion double cashback ePN

C some time Aliexpress introduced gift certificates (Aliexpress Pocket), which completely or partially can pay. The secret is that cashback from ePN is charged double — when you purchase the certificate, and then again, even when buying goods.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro — best Snapdragon 625 smartphone for its price

Buy on Aliexpress Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro

Price — 159$

Smartphones Xiaomi — the best that you can buy from the Chinese. Lately they have become almost cult — due to high quality and reasonable price. And Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro — another confirmation of this.

Phone Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro — not the most feature-rich of Chinese smartphones, but at the same time, the manufacturer was able to squeeze the maximum quality out of the usual 5-inch form factor.

New cheap smartphone from SANTIN — Hasee W50 based on MTK6582

Product page — mobile Hasee W50 for 49.99$
Price — 49.99$, buy on Aliexpress

After the success of Hasee X50 TS the company NEC decided to repeat the experience by releasing a new model — mobile Hasee W50 for 49.99$.

Phones and accessories: Review Hasee W50 from SANTIN - budget smartphone MTK6582

Success Hasee X50 TS this phone is unlikely to repeat (processor, screen and camera it worse), but at a price of 50$ it is possible mobile Hasee W50 will also be an interesting option.

Bylynd M13 — cheap FullHD 8-core MTK6735 smartphone

Buy on Aliexpress Bylynd M13

Price — 72.50 USD

Chinese manufacturers continue to push the price of another phone Bylynd M13 offers serious features for little money.

Among the strengths of Bylynd M13full HD screen technology Naked Eye 3D technology — in theory, allows you to watch 3D movies without any additional hardware (cardboard and other virtual reality glasses, or just 3D glasses)

Cloudfone SE Special edition — cheap smartphone based on Intel Atom X3-C3230RK

Buy AliexpressCloudfone Special Edition

Price — 59,88 USD

A new generation of processors Intel Atom X3-C3230RK finally got and to cheap Chinese smartphone, and here is the result: Cloudfone Special Edition

Phones and accessories: review of the Cloudfone Excite 2 SE Special Edition is an inexpensive smartphone based on Intel Atom X3 with CGS HD screen

The most important feature Cloudfone Special Edition is, of course, a processor from the Intel. The rest of the hardware is consistent with the price, the only thing to note — 2Gb of RAM and CGS screen.

Bluboo Mini — minimal style mtk6580 smartphone with 4.5" LCD

Buy AliexpressBluboo Mini

Price — from 53 USD

The company Bluboo has released a new budget smartphone with standard features and a small 4.5"screenBluboo Mini. It was expected that the price will be very low, but it was at the level of 55$ is the budget segment, but still not the cheapest smartphone on the MTK6580.

Remote IR infrared thermometer (pyrometer) for 7$

Buy on Aliexpress Infrared thermometer (pyrometer)

Price — starts from $7

electronics: Infrared thermometer (pyrometer) with Aliexpress for 7.5$

I wanted to buy infrared thermometer (pyrometer) to measure the temperature of remote batteries in the apartment, the engine in the car, the radiator in the computer — all, that impossible to measure with a usual thermometer.

IUNI U3 — powerful phone with 2K screen for 120$

Buy on Aliexpress IUNI U3

Price USD 120 (with silicone case)

Another new product for little money on a powerful 4-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801IUNI U3

The most interesting thing in the phone is 5.5-inch screen, 2K resolution 2560x1440 pixels. Phones with such a screen a little, even among new models.
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