Blackview A8 — optimal smartphone with MTK6580 for 57USD

Buy on Aliexpress Blackview A8
Price — 56.99$

Smartphones on MTK6580 already quite a lot, but the manufacturers will release a model with 512Mb of memory, it will insert a 2 megapixel camera without autofocus, or screw it so that the price of it will be beyond the budget segment.

Fortunately, Blackview A8 — is the «Golden mean», where everything is optimal, the price tag on it is acceptable.

DIY carton VR Box — Google cardboard for just 1$

Buy on Aliexpress DIY cardboard VR box aka Google Cardboard
Price — 0.99 USD

I decided to try, what really is virtual reality from your smartphone for just $1

On Aliexpress you can find a huge number of different VR box of all generations, but in order to test, like it or not, will pull a smartphone and not spend a lot of money — it was decided to order the simplest DIY cardboard VR box 1$

SANTIN HONphone H01 — another cheap top smartphone without play market

Buy Aliexpress SANTIN HONphone H01

Price — 64.98 USD

The company SANTIN continues to collect interesting and cheap smartphones to replace Hasee X50 TS comes SANTIN HONphone H01:

Compared to Hasee X50 here a few changes — appearance, and increased to 3200мАч battery.

Chinese New Year 2017 (Spring Festival) — when it comes, dates of holidays

During the celebration of Chinese new year, sellers in Aliexpress can greatly delay the shipment, because the whole country is celebrating for a few days.

When it starts and ends with the New Year of the Rooster 2017 in China?

Santin Galaz — top FHD smartphone for just 50$ (almost Hasee X50 TS)

Buy on Aliexpress — Santin Galaz
Price — 49.99 USD

The Chinese manufacturers continue to surprise — gave maximum performance in Hasee X50 TS 60 $ , they decided to continue the tradition and released Santin Galaz , with similar characteristics (fullHD, 2Gb RAM), but cheaper — for $ 50

Phones and Accessories: Overview  Santin Galaz - FullHD 2Gb RAM smartphone for $ 50, reincarnation Hasee X50 TS

At this tima we have few information about Santin Galaz , but will try to see what happened there.

Used IDE PATA 40Gb hdd from Aliexpress — test and review

Buy on Aliexpress — used HDD IDE 40Gb
Price — 6,50 USD

Last time some sellers from Aliexpress began to sell used components for PCs and laptops, how they always did on Ebay

Computers & tablets: B / have hard drives with Aliexpress - IDE 20-40Gb used HDD laptop review and tests

The price of used HDD IDE 40Gb is very low — and I ventured to make sure if everything is so good, especially if the disk was needed to replace the native IDE 44-pin in the thin client flash HP t5145 .

Another china fake phone — Android Servo Mate 8 with SC6820

Buy on Aliexpress Servo Mate 8
Price — 32 USD

Phones and accessories: New level of counterfeiting - the Android smartphone Servo Mate 8 with 5 screen and SC6820 processor

It turns out that Chinese manufacturers continue to make imitations own model, although the level has become higher — let's take a closer look at the phone Servo Mate 8 32$

Rugged IP68 smartphone with big battery — Oinom LMV9D quick review

Link to product — Oinom LMV9D
Price — 73 USD

Despite its modest specifications, the smartphone Oinom LMV9D is the phone with high moisture and darasamuth, a huge battery and all features of for extreme recreation and tourism.

Computers, tablets: Review unkillable secure phone OINOM LMV9D IP67 Android 4.2

These phones, having protection classes IP67 and IP68 never become obsolete, and will always find a buyer.

In this review we will consider ZTE LMV9D in more detail, and also what are its main differences from regular phones.

One more MTK6580 rugged outdoor IP68 phone — GuoPhone V19 with 4500mAh battery

Buy on Aliexpress — GuoPhone V19

Price — from 85 USD

Phones with increased protection (IP67, IP68) require longer battery life, and so for these models make optimal use of the most energy-efficient processors. For this reason, most of these phones still produce on MTK6572 — very economical processor at the same time having a full 2 ​​cores, but unfortunately, it is quite old, and it can not be equipped with more than 512Mb of RAM.

Next similar processor, released by Mediatek in 2016 — MTK6580 , already has 4 cores and the amount of available RAM memory to 2 Gb — it is much more interesting, and most importantly — more urgent, but phone manufacturers have only recently begun to produce protected phone numbers on the new processor — one of them and became GuoPhone V19 .

SERVO V3 review — simple rugged phone with 4 SIM cards

Buy on Aliexpress — Servo V3
Price — 27,90 USD

The Chinese company Servo specialized in cheap phones and smartphones, which they often use 4-core processor Spreadtrum SC7731C . In this review, we are not talking about smartphones, but the shockproof (we are not talking about the protection class IP68 or IP67) of this 4 SIM card phone Servo V3