Doogee Shoot 1 — first photos of new dual cameras MTK6737 smartphone

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Price — about USD 120

Chinese manufacturers is becoming increasingly difficult to surprise the customer with new products — frankly, all the new phones are similar, and the difference in price is small. A fingerprint scanner, a good screen, a powerful battery — is no surprise.

Doogee the company still showed a little ingenuity introduced a phone with dual cameras Doogee Shoot 1. The second camera is not for the stereo 3D images, they are just for the effects is ensured by building the overlay images from the two cameras — for example, the «bokeh» effect.

Cheap large 6 inch screen smartphone — XGODY Y20 based on MTK6580

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Price — 66.5 USD

XGODY company specializes in large-screen phones, but the quality suffers a bit. For example, in the XGODY Y20 donated a screen resolution.

UNIWA N2 — rugged IP68 outdoor smartphone with UHF PTT for real extreme tourism

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Price — USD 122

Finally came IP68 smartphone on the new chip MTK6580 from Mediatek:

There is a certain category of phones with a high level of protection — IP67 or IP68, which are mainly used by travellers the thrill-seekers, or people working in difficult conditions. Such phones a lot, and in addition to the protection they have a lot of additional functions, not necessary to the common user. Typically, these phones are not very powerful, today's example — UNIWA N2 PTT

78$ for 3Gb RAM MTK6735 4G LTE smartphone — Santin GreenOrange iph9

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Price — 78 USD

Overview of the Chinese unit for $ 78, combines all the features of high-end smartphones, such as 3 GB of RAM, 64bit 4-core processor, 4G LTE, and 16-megapixel camera — Santin GreenOrange iph9

Cheap smartphone with MTK6580 and 1Gb RAM — Gooweel M9mini

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Price — 48 USD

Overview another inexpensive phone on MTK6580 platform, with a small screen 4.5 inches and 1Gb RAM — Gooweel M9mini

HDD video recorders Smar A1004NS and A1108E for 4 and 8 analog CCTV cameras or digital IP cameras

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The value of Smar A1004NS to 4 channel 32.6 USD
Price Smar A1108E to 8 channels — 38.3 USD

In our time of digital technology, analog surveillance cameras were worth very little, and a digital IP camera much cheaper with each passing day. In this regard, even for older surveillance systems require new registrars, preferably with access through the Internet and these are consider in the review — HDD recorders Smar A1004NS and A1108E

Micro mobile phone with bluetooth headset — GTStar BM50

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Price — 15 USD

Another interesting and unusual idea from Chinese manufacturers — to combine in a single device a simple mobile phone and a Bluetooth headset. Sometimes it is necessary and is, and here is the result, the size of a cigarette lighter — mini-phone GTStar BM50

Rugged IP68 phone with UHF radio — Alps S932 aka Land Rover V6 PTT

Buy on Aliexpress IP67 smartphone with UHF walkie — Alps S932 or Land Rover V6 PTT

Price — 158 USD
Price from another seller — 159 $

Phones & accessories: Indestructible IP67 smartphone with UHF walkie - Alps S932 or Land Rover V6 PTT

Phone Alps S932 or Land Rover V6 PTT review — 2 years, during which time he managed to be in different situations — has experienced a lot of downs, a lot of times under water (at a depth of 1.5 m) was used as a walkie-talkie, and generally repeatedly rescued his endurance in different places and situations.

Despite the fact that the main board of phone Alps S932 obsolete even 3 years ago — he is still sold on 160$ and I must say, worth the money.

Ramos MOS1 Max — powerful phablet fo only 110$

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Price — USD 110

Phones & accessories: Top-smartphone Ramos MOS1 Max - phablet with maximum features MTK6573

Chinese manufacturers continue to surprise top-end smartphones at competitive prices is one such phablet — Ramos MOS1 Max

Cheap Remix OS tablet PC with keyboard — Onda obook10 SE

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Cost of Onda Obook 10 SE106$
Price Onda Obook 10 SE with a docking keyboard 138$

Computers, tablets: Cheap tablet with keyboard and Remix OS - Onda Obook10 SE

The Chinese company Onda in contrast Huawei decided to produce a simple and inexpensive tablet with an attachable keyboard dock on Windows 10 (dual boot, Remix OS — there are already optional), but with a reasonable price just 138$ with the keyboard, or 106$ without it. In General, they succeeded — the price is significantly lower than its competitors-but suffered a bit of features — mainly the RAM and battery.