2018: All the truth about 11.11 Sale On Aliexpress or Bachelor Day

A page listing all 11.11 promotions and discounts on Aliexpress

In 2018, as usual, November 11th Alyieexpress trumpeting 11.11, which they themselves called “Bachelor’s Day” . Probably, in the understanding of marketers Ali, the bachelor sits at home and enjoys mostly shopping on the Internet, especially actively with the onset of cold weather on November 11.

As always, in 2018 most of the discounts and promotions are of a purely nominal nature, and on November 12, it turns out that most of the goods are the same, only without the crossed out price and the word «ACTION». But there are moments where you can save money.

40 original gift ideas from aliexpress — useless but interesting presents

Need and totally useless gifts that will delight and surprise your relatives, friends and acquaintances.

the 1. Socks for lovers of art
Hobbies and interests: 40 original and useless gifts from Aliexpress
Quality socks with scenes of famous paintings and not only.

Price: 2.80 USD

Aliexpress 11.11 sale — global shopping festival 2017

The event page is Annual 11.11 sale on Aliexpress — the world day of shopping

Sale Nov 11 has become a tradition at Aliexpress. On this day, many sellers reduce the prices of their goods, as well as Ali gives out a lot of different coupons.

Unfortunately, that is not so easy to get coupon now — so you have to take part in different games.

Double cashback from Aliexpress! Get cashback twice with Ali pocket & ePN

How to get double cashback when buying on Aliexpress?

Aliexpress Coupons: How to get double cashback when you purchase on Aliexpress? Promotion double cashback ePN

C some time Aliexpress introduced gift certificates (Aliexpress Pocket), which completely or partially can pay. The secret is that cashback from ePN is charged double — when you purchase the certificate, and then again, even when buying goods.

Used IDE PATA 40Gb hdd from Aliexpress — test and review

Buy on Aliexpress — used HDD IDE 40Gb
Price — 6,50 USD

Last time some sellers from Aliexpress began to sell used components for PCs and laptops, how they always did on Ebay

Computers & tablets: B / have hard drives with Aliexpress - IDE 20-40Gb used HDD laptop review and tests

The price of used HDD IDE 40Gb is very low — and I ventured to make sure if everything is so good, especially if the disk was needed to replace the native IDE 44-pin in the thin client flash HP t5145 .