Rungee F25 clone with Zello PTT and Android OS — 2.4" smartphone

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Price — near 135 USD

Among the new goods Aliexpress appeared quite an interesting smartphone-radio-it looks very similar to clone F25 Rungee, but the similarity is only external — compared to the original it's a totally different filling.

The main feature of rungee F25 clone — Android operating system, which is a rarity for phones with keyboard and small screen.

Chuwi Hi9 review — 2.5K and 4Gb RAM Android tablet PC

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Buy in Banggoog for 169$Chuwi Hi9

Productive tablets on Android began to appear quite often in the Chinese market, one of them was Chuwi Hi9

Chuwi hi9-what is this tablet? How powerful and convenient is it to use? About this you can find in our review tablet Chuwi Hi9

Oukitel U18 — chinese Android copy of Apple iPhone X

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The Chinese company Auditel carefully studying the needs of the audience, however, sometimes such research harm the firm. The great popularity Apple iPhone X that prompted the developer to create more affordable competitor to the best-seller. However, excessive similarity innovations with Heath is unlikely to go in her favor.

Despite the fact that Oukitel U18 differs from the iPhone X almost everything except appearance, the smartphone is pretty powerful and modern.

More battery life for Android device or phone — some tips and upgrades

The main problem of modern phones, stuffed with technological innovations, the battery life from the battery. Every goth phones are becoming more and more powerful, the capacity of batteries is increasing, but the average phone still hold a charge for only one day.

Buy on Aliexpress: phones big battery and external batteries — power bank.

Cellphones and accessories: More battery life for Android device or phone - some tips and upgrades

Modern versions of Android — this is a fairly complex operating systems in which very many factors affect consumption of the battery. Let us consider different ways to conserve — from the obvious to the outright tricks.

Oukitel K6 — powerful 6Gb Android smartphone with 6300mAh

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Price — 250 USD

The Chinese company Oukitel not cease to develop K-series standalone smartphones, bringing its technical level and design to the modern market requirements. And if the model is K3 was more of a testing ground to determine the reaction of the audience, the hero of today's review — a potential best-seller, fully executed by each requested a dollar for it.

Externally, the novelty has changed significantly compared to the predecessor. Consider Oukitel K6 read more in this review.

Leagoo M9 — 4 cameras, 2Gb RAM and 5.5" HD — for just 57$

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Phones and accessories: Review Leagoo M9: full-screen Android smartphone with 4 cameras, 2Gb RAM

Chinese budget smartphone without the support of 4G networks, but with the fashionable screen 18:9 and as much as four cameras. However, it is unlikely that the number of cameras will go to their quality... But memory not too little. And the price is nice — only 58 USD at the start of sales. Three colors — blue, gold and black.

39.99$ dual camera Android 7 smaprtphone — Ulefone S7

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Price —
39.99 USD

Presale budget models for$ 40 has become a tradition on Aliexpress.

the Ulefone S7, virtually nothing distinguishes it from other cheap smartphones — but it is worth noting dual camera, flash, front camera and battery capacity of 2500mAh.

Uhappy UP350 — Android 5.5" with 2Gb RAM for lowest price — only 49$

Buy on Aliexpress UHappy UP350

Price — from 49.77$

Over time, smartphones with a 2Gb RAM moved into the category of budget — only 50$ you can now buy UHappy UP350 with 2GB RAM and 5.5 inch display.

Phones and accessories: Review ASUS UP350 - smart with 2Gb RAM at the lowest price

No more major differences from the ordinary Android smartphone from UHappy UP350 will not be — in addition to low prices.

Cheap bluetooth V8 smart watch with round display and SIM card

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Price — 10 USD

Smart watch and fitness bracelets has long ago taken its place among watch — except for the expensive Samsung Gear and so on, there are also cheaper options, such as V8 watch.

Watches and accessories: Cheap smart watch phone with round display smart watch V8 N20

Typically, low-cost smart clock display was square, like ordinary mobile phones. the V8 watch different round display and connector for a SIM card that allows you to use it without a phone (make calls and send SMS directly on the watch).

Leagoo KIICAA Power overview — cost-effective smartphone for just 55$

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Price — from 55 USD

Finally, Chinese manufacturers of smartphones has created a modern, balanced and at the same time, inexpensive mobile — Leagoo KIICAA Power.

Phones and accessories: Review KIICAA Power Leagoo smartphone with 2Gb RAM and a 4000mAh battery

Among the advantages Leagoo KIICAA Power — price 55$, battery 4000 mAh, 2 Gb RAM and 16Gb flash, dual rear camera and HD screen resolution 1280*720 size 5 inch, as well as the operating system Android 7.0