Univrsal TV remote control RM-139S or TV-139F

Buy on Aliexpress Universal remote RM-139

Price — 1.80 USD

Remote controls for your TV, have the unpleasant property to lose, break, break down, etc. unfortunately, complete to any TV remote always only one.

Fortunately, Ali can you buy universal remote RM-139 in just 2$

Wireless keyboard with touch pad for PC or Android TV box

Link to product — Russian wireless keyboard with touchpad for Android TV box

Cost — 14 $

There are Android TV box in addition to all the advantages, one big disadvantage — they are very difficult to control from the sofa. To this end, our Chinese friends have come up with all kinds of wireless remotes and keyboards , one of which we consider in this review.

The plates: a new generation of consoles from the TV)

Keyboard and mouse the size of a TV remote.

Simple USB remote control for your PC or Android TV box

Product page — Wireless IR remote for your PC or Android TV box PC

Cost — 3.5 USD

Electronics: Wireless IR remote for your PC or Android TV box PC

Review of the simplest (and cheapest) infrared remote computer or Android TV box.