More battery life for Android device or phone — some tips and upgrades

The main problem of modern phones, stuffed with technological innovations, the battery life from the battery. Every goth phones are becoming more and more powerful, the capacity of batteries is increasing, but the average phone still hold a charge for only one day.

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Cellphones and accessories: More battery life for Android device or phone - some tips and upgrades

Modern versions of Android — this is a fairly complex operating systems in which very many factors affect consumption of the battery. Let us consider different ways to conserve — from the obvious to the outright tricks.

iOutdoor T2 — extreme 4500mAh IP68 phone with 4500mAh battery and UHF PTT radio

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Sometimes the phone just need to make the call, and preferably not discharged in the evening. iOutdoor T2 is just the phone, without Android, but with a UHF radio — no connection will remain.

Big battery 5000mah — Ramos M7 HD smartphone based on MTK6753

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Among Chinese smartphones is rare to find a large amount of battery, often the battery capacity does not exceed 2500-3000 mAh. the Ramos M7 — the exception is smart with good features and a powerful battery to 5000 mAh

Rugged IP68 smartphone with big battery — Oinom LMV9D quick review

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Despite its modest specifications, the smartphone Oinom LMV9D is the phone with high moisture and darasamuth, a huge battery and all features of for extreme recreation and tourism.

Computers, tablets: Review unkillable secure phone OINOM LMV9D IP67 Android 4.2

These phones, having protection classes IP67 and IP68 never become obsolete, and will always find a buyer.

In this review we will consider ZTE LMV9D in more detail, and also what are its main differences from regular phones.