Travel lens box set with liquid, tweezers and mirror

Buy on Aliexpress kit lens in the box
Price — from 0.72 USD

People who wear lenses every day know what it is — a container this need every day, tweezers all the time lost, buy it when it urgently needed a story, and the liquid is only sold in large containers.

As always, the Chinese have all been invented and sold on 70 cents delivery.

Cheap VR box — only 5$

Buy on aliexpress VR box for smartphone

Price — 5.80 USD

Cheap VR box for smartphone best in the price range of about 5$. The only negative — very tight mounting of the smartphone.

DIY carton VR Box — Google cardboard for just 1$

Buy on Aliexpress DIY cardboard VR box aka Google Cardboard
Price — 0.99 USD

I decided to try, what really is virtual reality from your smartphone for just $1

On Aliexpress you can find a huge number of different VR box of all generations, but in order to test, like it or not, will pull a smartphone and not spend a lot of money — it was decided to order the simplest DIY cardboard VR box 1$

Wireless keyboard with touch pad for PC or Android TV box

Link to product — Russian wireless keyboard with touchpad for Android TV box

Cost — 14 $

There are Android TV box in addition to all the advantages, one big disadvantage — they are very difficult to control from the sofa. To this end, our Chinese friends have come up with all kinds of wireless remotes and keyboards , one of which we consider in this review.

The plates: a new generation of consoles from the TV)

Keyboard and mouse the size of a TV remote.

Simple USB remote control for your PC or Android TV box

Product page — Wireless IR remote for your PC or Android TV box PC

Cost — 3.5 USD

Electronics: Wireless IR remote for your PC or Android TV box PC

Review of the simplest (and cheapest) infrared remote computer or Android TV box.