KAVIS men leather wallet with card holder and zipper

Buy on Aliexpress KAVIS wallet
Price — 14.7 $ (price is almost always discounted)

Aliexpress you can find a huge number of wallets, purses, purses and clutches for every taste and at different prices, but if the phone is difficult to forge, such items as bags are often counterfeited.

However, among the variety you can find quite high quality stuff, such as KAVIS wallets.

How to test, fix and repair fake chinese memory cards and USB flash drive disk sticks

When purchasing through Chinese shops (including Aliexpress) flash drives and memory cards, you can easily run into a fake. Therefore, immediately check after get the parcel.

In order to find out whether or not you load you need to check your USB flash drive, and then cure the real capacity.

To do this we need the following programs:
h2testw.exe download — program to check for flash drives and memory cards
MyDiskFix.exe download — a program for the treatment of flash drives with the wrong volume (thanks for the translation usbdev.ru ).

Cheap 4-digit PCI POST tester card analyzer

Link to this item PCI POST card to diagnose PC 4 digit
Cost — 2.25 USD

C current dollar to buy the normal instruments rather expensive)) Therefore, the review will consider abnormal (low), namely 4-landmark POST card .

tools, repairs: Overview of PCI POST card to diagnose PC 4 digit indicator

In short — everything works, even for such money . Further, the survey — in more detail.