The Chinese New Year 2018 — holidays in internet stores

Chinese new year 2018: online shopping schedule

New year holidays are coming in China! In the2018 year, they will last from 9 to 23 February .

AliExpress shopping - get started: The Chinese New Year 2018 - holidays in internet stores

Half of the stores stops working with number 10, the second half — with February 14.
Mail services will not work from February 14 to 23.

Chinese New Year 2017 (Spring Festival) — when it comes, dates of holidays

During the celebration of Chinese new year, sellers in Aliexpress can greatly delay the shipment, because the whole country is celebrating for a few days.

When it starts and ends with the New Year of the Rooster 2017 in China?

How to test, fix and repair fake chinese memory cards and USB flash drive disk sticks

When purchasing through Chinese shops (including Aliexpress) flash drives and memory cards, you can easily run into a fake. Therefore, immediately check after get the parcel.

In order to find out whether or not you load you need to check your USB flash drive, and then cure the real capacity.

To do this we need the following programs:
h2testw.exe download — program to check for flash drives and memory cards
MyDiskFix.exe download — a program for the treatment of flash drives with the wrong volume (thanks for the translation ).