Rungee F25 clone with Zello PTT and Android OS — 2.4" smartphone

buy on Aliexpress — rungee clone F25

Price — near 135 USD

Among the new goods Aliexpress appeared quite an interesting smartphone-radio-it looks very similar to clone F25 Rungee, but the similarity is only external — compared to the original it's a totally different filling.

The main feature of rungee F25 clone — Android operating system, which is a rarity for phones with keyboard and small screen.

Oukitel U18 — chinese Android copy of Apple iPhone X

Buy on Aliexpress Oukitel U18

The Chinese company Auditel carefully studying the needs of the audience, however, sometimes such research harm the firm. The great popularity Apple iPhone X that prompted the developer to create more affordable competitor to the best-seller. However, excessive similarity innovations with Heath is unlikely to go in her favor.

Despite the fact that Oukitel U18 differs from the iPhone X almost everything except appearance, the smartphone is pretty powerful and modern.

VKWorld Z3310 — chinese copy of new Nokia 3310

Link to the product page — VKWorld Z3310

Price — from 18.99$

After a long break in the Finnish company Nokia decided to bring back to life old, but zarekomendovala yourself a brandNokia 3310. New 3310 was not very successful, and Chinese producers immediately rushed to clone her, and as a result VKWorld Z3310.

Phones and accessories: Review VKWorld Z3310 - Chinese clone of the updated Nokia 3310

By the way, Aliexpress you can buy original Nokia 3310 — true, it is not new, but rebuilt, and bricks to break in the new Chinese case is unlikely.