Hasee P9 — cost-effective Helio X10 smartphone with 2K 6" IPS screen

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Price — from 128 USD

After the success of the phone Hasee X50, the interest in the products of this brand has grown strongly, but for a long time, the company is not happy customers.

A new smartphone Hasee P9met expectations — in addition to the superior performance smartphone also is quite adequate cost.

New cheap smartphone from SANTIN — Hasee W50 based on MTK6582

Product page — mobile Hasee W50 for 49.99$
Price — 49.99$, buy on Aliexpress

After the success of Hasee X50 TS the company NEC decided to repeat the experience by releasing a new model — mobile Hasee W50 for 49.99$.

Phones and accessories: Review Hasee W50 from SANTIN - budget smartphone MTK6582

Success Hasee X50 TS this phone is unlikely to repeat (processor, screen and camera it worse), but at a price of 50$ it is possible mobile Hasee W50 will also be an interesting option.

SANTIN HONphone H01 — another cheap top smartphone without play market

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Price — 64.98 USD

The company SANTIN continues to collect interesting and cheap smartphones to replace Hasee X50 TS comes SANTIN HONphone H01:

Compared to Hasee X50 here a few changes — appearance, and increased to 3200мАч battery.

Hasee X50 TS — powerful 8-core china Andrid phone for 59$

Product page — top smart phone Hasee X50 TS for $59
Price — 58.99$, buy on Aliexpress

Recently on sale there is a phone that impresses with its performance at price of 59$Hasee X50 TS — and then FullHD screen 1920*1080 pixels and 8 core CPU and 2GB RAM.

Phones and accessories: the Chinese experiment - top mobile Hasee X50 TS for$ 59

In addition, and the camera promised in 14МПикс. Even despite the slightly outdated processor from Mediatek MTK6592 the ratio of quality and price smartphone Hasee X50 TS is a very interesting product on Aliexpress.