Rungee F25 clone with Zello PTT and Android OS — 2.4" smartphone

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Price — near 135 USD

Among the new goods Aliexpress appeared quite an interesting smartphone-radio-it looks very similar to clone F25 Rungee, but the similarity is only external — compared to the original it's a totally different filling.

The main feature of rungee F25 clone — Android operating system, which is a rarity for phones with keyboard and small screen.

iOutdoor T2 — extreme 4500mAh IP68 phone with 4500mAh battery and UHF PTT radio

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Price — 49.99$

Sometimes the phone just need to make the call, and preferably not discharged in the evening. iOutdoor T2 is just the phone, without Android, but with a UHF radio — no connection will remain.

Rugged IP68 smartphone with big battery — Oinom LMV9D quick review

Link to product — Oinom LMV9D
Price — 73 USD

Despite its modest specifications, the smartphone Oinom LMV9D is the phone with high moisture and darasamuth, a huge battery and all features of for extreme recreation and tourism.

Computers, tablets: Review unkillable secure phone OINOM LMV9D IP67 Android 4.2

These phones, having protection classes IP67 and IP68 never become obsolete, and will always find a buyer.

In this review we will consider ZTE LMV9D in more detail, and also what are its main differences from regular phones.

One more MTK6580 rugged outdoor IP68 phone — GuoPhone V19 with 4500mAh battery

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Price — from 85 USD

Phones with increased protection (IP67, IP68) require longer battery life, and so for these models make optimal use of the most energy-efficient processors. For this reason, most of these phones still produce on MTK6572 — very economical processor at the same time having a full 2 ​​cores, but unfortunately, it is quite old, and it can not be equipped with more than 512Mb of RAM.

Next similar processor, released by Mediatek in 2016 — MTK6580 , already has 4 cores and the amount of available RAM memory to 2 Gb — it is much more interesting, and most importantly — more urgent, but phone manufacturers have only recently begun to produce protected phone numbers on the new processor — one of them and became GuoPhone V19 .

UNIWA N2 — rugged IP68 outdoor smartphone with UHF PTT for real extreme tourism

Buy Aliexpress price 122$UNIWA N2 PTT
Price — USD 122

Finally came IP68 smartphone on the new chip MTK6580 from Mediatek:

There is a certain category of phones with a high level of protection — IP67 or IP68, which are mainly used by travellers the thrill-seekers, or people working in difficult conditions. Such phones a lot, and in addition to the protection they have a lot of additional functions, not necessary to the common user. Typically, these phones are not very powerful, today's example — UNIWA N2 PTT