Servo S08 — spinner phone with 2 SIM cards

Buy on Aliexpress phone-spinner Servo S08

Price — 22 USD

Chinese manufacturers continue to experiment — this time decided to combine a mobile phone and a spinner.

The company SERVO known for its cheap phones of all possible types. Phones Servo are not performance, but have many non-standard solutions. For example, the spinner in the phone Servo S08

Nice sport LED watch for just 2$

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Price — USD 2.00

Cheap watches in China lot — 2$ is still quite expensive, but look sports LED watch interesting and modern.

IR night LED light with motion sensor on 3*AAA batteries

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The price from 3.10$

Ali you can find many options for night light with motion sensor, we will consider the cheapest of them $3

electronics: IR LED Lamp with a motion sensor and ambient light (night light ZK60400)

In this review we will consider the cheapest led downlight with motion sensor light and night light that will only light up when dark and only when there is nearby movement.

Cheap E27 led bulb lamps — 3Wt and 5Wt

Product page — LED bulbs LED 3W and 5W with a cartridge E27

Price: 3W — $ 0.60, 5W — 1.6 $

Electronics: LED bulbs LED  3W and 5W with a cartridge E27 - energy savings

In this article, we consider cheapest Chinese LED bulbs — 3 and 5 watts .