Unusual cheap smartphone — Doogee X9 mini/pro with fingerprint scanner button key

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Price — 60 USD

Phones and accessories: Review Doogee X9 mini - an unusual state for MTK6580 button-scanner for$ 60

Doogee the company continues to issue budget phones, but of the entire line X9 mini is markedly different from previous models. X9 mini combined fingerprint scanner and buttons to create one button control, as in Xiaomi, Meizu or iPhone.

Bluboo Mini — minimal style mtk6580 smartphone with 4.5" LCD

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Price — from 53 USD

The company Bluboo has released a new budget smartphone with standard features and a small 4.5"screenBluboo Mini. It was expected that the price will be very low, but it was at the level of 55$ is the budget segment, but still not the cheapest smartphone on the MTK6580.

Cheap smartphone with MTK6580 and 1Gb RAM — Gooweel M9mini

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Price — 48 USD

Overview another inexpensive phone on MTK6580 platform, with a small screen 4.5 inches and 1Gb RAM — Gooweel M9mini

Micro mobile phone with bluetooth headset — GTStar BM50

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Price — 15 USD

Another interesting and unusual idea from Chinese manufacturers — to combine in a single device a simple mobile phone and a Bluetooth headset. Sometimes it is necessary and is, and here is the result, the size of a cigarette lighter — mini-phone GTStar BM50