Zoji Z6 review — IP68 rugged phone on MTK6580

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Processor MTK6580 (MTK6570) is ideal for secure smartphones, thanks to its low power consumption. Therefore, smartphones with protection class IP68 on these processors are becoming more.

Zoji Z6 is one of these phones, although judging by the casing protection class IP68 is a bit exaggerated. But the relatively small screen 4.7" large battery 3000mAh will provide a long battery life.

Rugged IP68 smartphone with big battery — Oinom LMV9D quick review

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Despite its modest specifications, the smartphone Oinom LMV9D is the phone with high moisture and darasamuth, a huge battery and all features of for extreme recreation and tourism.

Computers, tablets: Review unkillable secure phone OINOM LMV9D IP67 Android 4.2

These phones, having protection classes IP67 and IP68 never become obsolete, and will always find a buyer.

In this review we will consider ZTE LMV9D in more detail, and also what are its main differences from regular phones.

One more MTK6580 rugged outdoor IP68 phone — GuoPhone V19 with 4500mAh battery

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Phones with increased protection (IP67, IP68) require longer battery life, and so for these models make optimal use of the most energy-efficient processors. For this reason, most of these phones still produce on MTK6572 — very economical processor at the same time having a full 2 ​​cores, but unfortunately, it is quite old, and it can not be equipped with more than 512Mb of RAM.

Next similar processor, released by Mediatek in 2016 — MTK6580 , already has 4 cores and the amount of available RAM memory to 2 Gb — it is much more interesting, and most importantly — more urgent, but phone manufacturers have only recently begun to produce protected phone numbers on the new processor — one of them and became GuoPhone V19 .

SERVO V3 review — simple rugged phone with 4 SIM cards

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The Chinese company Servo specialized in cheap phones and smartphones, which they often use 4-core processor Spreadtrum SC7731C . In this review, we are not talking about smartphones, but the shockproof (we are not talking about the protection class IP68 or IP67) of this 4 SIM card phone Servo V3

UNIWA N2 — rugged IP68 outdoor smartphone with UHF PTT for real extreme tourism

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Finally came IP68 smartphone on the new chip MTK6580 from Mediatek:

There is a certain category of phones with a high level of protection — IP67 or IP68, which are mainly used by travellers the thrill-seekers, or people working in difficult conditions. Such phones a lot, and in addition to the protection they have a lot of additional functions, not necessary to the common user. Typically, these phones are not very powerful, today's example — UNIWA N2 PTT