Servo V7 — 3000 mAh 3 SIM flip phone with power bank and F1 grenade shape

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Price — $ 28

We already wrote that the company SERVO produces a rather unusual phone models.

Phones & accessories: Servo V7 Review - clamshell phone with Power Bank function in the form of grenades F1

This time the phone in the form factor «clamshell» that was popular not so long ago Servo V7. In addition, with the function Power Bank, three SIM cards, and even in the shape of a grenade with the cotter.

Servo S08 — spinner phone with 2 SIM cards

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Price — 22 USD

Chinese manufacturers continue to experiment — this time decided to combine a mobile phone and a spinner.

The company SERVO known for its cheap phones of all possible types. Phones Servo are not performance, but have many non-standard solutions. For example, the spinner in the phone Servo S08

Another china fake phone — Android Servo Mate 8 with SC6820

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Price — 32 USD

Phones and accessories: New level of counterfeiting - the Android smartphone Servo Mate 8 with 5 screen and SC6820 processor

It turns out that Chinese manufacturers continue to make imitations own model, although the level has become higher — let's take a closer look at the phone Servo Mate 8 32$

SERVO V3 review — simple rugged phone with 4 SIM cards

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Price — 27,90 USD

The Chinese company Servo specialized in cheap phones and smartphones, which they often use 4-core processor Spreadtrum SC7731C . In this review, we are not talking about smartphones, but the shockproof (we are not talking about the protection class IP68 or IP67) of this 4 SIM card phone Servo V3