Cheap bluetooth V8 smart watch with round display and SIM card

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Price — 10 USD

Smart watch and fitness bracelets has long ago taken its place among watch — except for the expensive Samsung Gear and so on, there are also cheaper options, such as V8 watch.

Watches and accessories: Cheap smart watch phone with round display smart watch V8 N20

Typically, low-cost smart clock display was square, like ordinary mobile phones. the V8 watch different round display and connector for a SIM card that allows you to use it without a phone (make calls and send SMS directly on the watch).

Gretel A7 — modern smart phone for just 40 USD

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Price from other sellers — 39.99 USD

The discounted price will be valid until may 1, 2017. In addition,Best Credit promise the gift of tape, silicone cover and spare back cover.

The company Gretel appeared on the Chinese market just a month or two ago, but have already released a few interesting models at very competitive prices. In addition, the cheapest of them Gretel A7 has several new products, such as warning signal on the main button.

First MTK6570 smart phone with metal frame and 3360 mAh — Doogee X10 for only $45

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Price — 45 USD (pre-order)

Processor MTK6570 is actually a «half» of MTK6580 CPU, which is already quite well established in the budget phone with its low power consumption and at the same time modern characteristics.

Phones and accessories: Review Doogee X10 - affordable smartphone on a 2-core MTK6570 with battery 3360mAh

The phone Doogee X10 has everything you need — the normal modern processor, metal case, screen size of 5 inch (though with a resolution of only 854*480), secondary camera 5 megapixel, and importantly — huge for this processor the battery into the 3360 mAh.

Cons Doogee X10 — low resolution screen (tolerable) and 512Mb of RAM — but this is can be a problem for modern Android applications.

Big battery 5000mah — Ramos M7 HD smartphone based on MTK6753

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Price — from 79.97 USD

Phones and accessories: Review Ramos M7 - 8-core HD smartphone for MTK6753 with a 5000mAh battery for$ 79

Among Chinese smartphones is rare to find a large amount of battery, often the battery capacity does not exceed 2500-3000 mAh. the Ramos M7 — the exception is smart with good features and a powerful battery to 5000 mAh

Unusual cheap smartphone — Doogee X9 mini/pro with fingerprint scanner button key

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Price — 60 USD

Phones and accessories: Review Doogee X9 mini - an unusual state for MTK6580 button-scanner for$ 60

Doogee the company continues to issue budget phones, but of the entire line X9 mini is markedly different from previous models. X9 mini combined fingerprint scanner and buttons to create one button control, as in Xiaomi, Meizu or iPhone.

VKWorld F1 — modern cheap MTK6580 smart phone

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Price — 42 USD

Phone accessories: Smartphone VKWorld F1 - 4 core and 1 Gb RAM at affordable price 42$

Phone VKWorld F1 has long been in the sale, and has established itself as a stylish and affordable smartphone, with minimal but very modern characteristics.

Elephone S7 — 10 cores Helio X20 for normal price

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Price — 132 USD (depends on the model, packaging and country of dispatch)

Phones and accessories: Review Elephone S7 - flagship smarton 10-nuclear Helio X20 3/4 Gb RAM

Elephone S7 is a top-end smartphone to 64-bit processor Helio X20 (MTK6797). This smartphone has all the minimum, you must possess a smartphone of the highest class today — 10 nuclear processor, 3 or 4 GB RAM, full HD screen and the fingerprint scanner, combined with a single control button (Hello, IPhone).