DIY carton VR Box — Google cardboard for just 1$

Buy on Aliexpress DIY cardboard VR box aka Google Cardboard
Price — 0.99 USD

I decided to try, what really is virtual reality from your smartphone for just $1

On Aliexpress you can find a huge number of different VR box of all generations, but in order to test, like it or not, will pull a smartphone and not spend a lot of money — it was decided to order the simplest DIY cardboard VR box 1$

Used IDE PATA 40Gb hdd from Aliexpress — test and review

Buy on Aliexpress — used HDD IDE 40Gb
Price — 6,50 USD

Last time some sellers from Aliexpress began to sell used components for PCs and laptops, how they always did on Ebay

Computers & tablets: B / have hard drives with Aliexpress - IDE 20-40Gb used HDD laptop review and tests

The price of used HDD IDE 40Gb is very low — and I ventured to make sure if everything is so good, especially if the disk was needed to replace the native IDE 44-pin in the thin client flash HP t5145 .

How to test, fix and repair fake chinese memory cards and USB flash drive disk sticks

When purchasing through Chinese shops (including Aliexpress) flash drives and memory cards, you can easily run into a fake. Therefore, immediately check after get the parcel.

In order to find out whether or not you load you need to check your USB flash drive, and then cure the real capacity.

To do this we need the following programs:
h2testw.exe download — program to check for flash drives and memory cards
MyDiskFix.exe download — a program for the treatment of flash drives with the wrong volume (thanks for the translation ).