Cheap 4-digit PCI POST tester card analyzer

Link to this item PCI POST card to diagnose PC 4 digit
Cost — 2.25 USD

C current dollar to buy the normal instruments rather expensive)) Therefore, the review will consider abnormal (low), namely 4-landmark POST card .

tools, repairs: Overview of PCI POST card to diagnose PC 4 digit indicator

In short — everything works, even for such money . Further, the survey — in more detail.

Simple multimeter tester DT-830B

Price — ~3.20$

I offer an overview of the most simple multimeter, which is suitable for simple everyday measurements (for home garage), a well-known model DT-830B

Tools, repair: simple multimeter tester DT-830B

CCFL lamp tester for different sizes

Product page — Tester CCFL backlights for monitors and TVs

Cost — 2.66 USD

tools, repairs: tester CCFL backlights for monitors and TV

For the repair of monitors and televisions with CCFL backlight is very useful to the tester lamps — he posvolit immediately understand what the problem is — in the old lamps or inverter display.