Doogee BL12000 — huge 12000mAh battery smartphone

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The price is 199$

The Chinese company Doogee reads minds of audience of the smartphone market. The dream of any buyer is incredibly Autonomous, technologically advanced and beautiful phone, not stripped optimized and excellent photographic ability. Surprisingly, the hero of today's review of the approached described above is very close to perfection.

Magic Stretch and Fresh food covers — real expirience

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Price — USD 2.75 for a set of 4 covers

Beauty, health: Chinese silicone vacuum miracle cover Stretch and Fresh

Like all products that are marked «As seen on TV» (as You've seen on TV)the magic cap require more detailed consideration.

Santin Dante — 21Mp camera, Helio X10, 3Gb RAM — just 110$

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Price — USD 110

The last shock in terms of price and quality was, of course, PPTV King 7, but after the New Year, Chinese manufacturers have decided to do even better — meet, Santin Dante for$110

Phones and accessories: Review SANTIN Dante is 21 megapixel, 5.5 2K screen, 8 cores Helio X10, 3Gb RAM smartphone for$ 110

In many ways, the phone Santin Dante similar to PPTV King 7, but there are noticeable differences Santin Dante received a 21-megapixel camera that allows you to record 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels). For action cameras is no longer a novelty, but for smartphones it's a big step forward.

HDD video recorders Smar A1004NS and A1108E for 4 and 8 analog CCTV cameras or digital IP cameras

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The value of Smar A1004NS to 4 channel 32.6 USD
Price Smar A1108E to 8 channels — 38.3 USD

In our time of digital technology, analog surveillance cameras were worth very little, and a digital IP camera much cheaper with each passing day. In this regard, even for older surveillance systems require new registrars, preferably with access through the Internet and these are consider in the review — HDD recorders Smar A1004NS and A1108E