VKWorld Mix Plus — bezel-less powerful and cheap smartphone with 3Gb RAM

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Buy Gearbest Vkworls Mix Plus price from 109.99$

Recently phone manufacturers have come up with how else to lure the buyers with a large screen, but this smartphone would fit in my pocket — the result is a so-called «frameless» phone where the screen occupies the maximum possible area of the smartphone.

the Vkworls Mix Plus — one of the cheapest smartphones with such a screen, and quite interesting characteristics.

Cheap smartphone with 2Gb RAM — VKWorld F2 overview

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Price — 55 USD

Smartphones with 2Gb RAM slowly moved to the budget segment, and VKWorld F2 — not only one of these smartphones.

In addition to low prices and 2Gb of RAM — also it has HD display with a resolution of 1280*720 pixels, the battery 2200 mAh and SONY IMX149 camera.

VKWorld Z3310 — chinese copy of new Nokia 3310

Link to the product page — VKWorld Z3310

Price — from 18.99$

After a long break in the Finnish company Nokia decided to bring back to life old, but zarekomendovala yourself a brandNokia 3310. New 3310 was not very successful, and Chinese producers immediately rushed to clone her, and as a result VKWorld Z3310.

Phones and accessories: Review VKWorld Z3310 - Chinese clone of the updated Nokia 3310

By the way, Aliexpress you can buy original Nokia 3310 — true, it is not new, but rebuilt, and bricks to break in the new Chinese case is unlikely.

VKWorld F1 — modern cheap MTK6580 smart phone

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Price — 42 USD

Phone accessories: Smartphone VKWorld F1 - 4 core and 1 Gb RAM at affordable price 42$

Phone VKWorld F1 has long been in the sale, and has established itself as a stylish and affordable smartphone, with minimal but very modern characteristics.