Cheap bluetooth V8 smart watch with round display and SIM card

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Price — 10 USD

Smart watch and fitness bracelets has long ago taken its place among watch — except for the expensive Samsung Gear and so on, there are also cheaper options, such as V8 watch.

Watches and accessories: Cheap smart watch phone with round display smart watch V8 N20

Typically, low-cost smart clock display was square, like ordinary mobile phones. the V8 watch different round display and connector for a SIM card that allows you to use it without a phone (make calls and send SMS directly on the watch).

Survival paracord bracelet watch with compass, flint and whistle

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An interesting and original gift for a tourist or traveler Watch survival of the paracord

The watch is ordinary quartz, without additional protection. But the bracelet from survival paracord watch is more interesting and useful for any tourist.

Nice sport LED watch for just 2$

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Price — USD 2.00

Cheap watches in China lot — 2$ is still quite expensive, but look sports LED watch interesting and modern.